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Slow Walkers Driving Me Nuts

Now, I’m not the fastest walker around.  I’d say my walking speed is about average.  And given the narrow hallways in this building, people walking at about the same speed makes for less aggravation.

The aggravation of which I speak manifests itself in the persons of two skinny girls.  I call them girls because

  1. They’re very young
  2. No grown-ups should be that skinny
  3. One of them, the one I call The Talker, natters on like a caffeinated teen

These two mosey along, with The Talker babbling on, spreading out sideways to fill any hall they’re in.  So people like me trying to get somewhere tend to get stuck behind them.

And either they’re doing this ALL THE TIME or they miraculously have the same metabolic rates as I do when it comes to wanting coffee or lunch.  The latter seems unlikely, as I’m not skinny.

This time around, The Talker started some bit of gossip with, “Now don’t say you heard this from me …”   I HEARD IT FROM YOU!  I HAD NO CHOICE!

Does this happen to you?  I invite comments via Disqus.

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Posted at 8:47 AM 07 June 2012