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Hey, Tennessee! Write in AL GORE for US Senate!

As you have undoubtedly heard, the Tennessee Democratic Party has loudly disavowed the candidate who won the state’s primary for US Senate.

The winner was Mark Clayton, who has been described as a conspiracy theorist and anti-gay crusader.  And that’s counter to the Democratic platform.  The state party people have suggested that voters not vote for him, but write in somebody else, come November.

Now, the conventional wisdom all along has been that Senator Bob Corker will win re-election in a walk.  But think about it:  Now the Democratic candidate may be coming at him from the political right.  Tea partiers might defect in droves.

So here’s my suggestion for who Tennessee voters should write in: Al Gore

Albert Gore

He’s had the position before, and his name is easy to spell.  I also think he’d be good at the job.

Sure, he’s not actually running for the job, but it would serve him right for not campaigning in Tennessee in 2000.  If he’d won that state back then, we wouldn’t have had to worry about the Florida recount.

Now, imagine if a word-of-mouth-and-net meme for an Al Gore write-in got started and gained any steam.  It would need no budget whatsoever, because every right-wing media outlet in the state would holler and start running against him.  And so would the Republican and official Democratic candidates.

So his campaign would be everybody else’s paid media.  Limbaugh alone would keep his name in the news.

What are the possible outcomes?

  1. Bob Corker, the Republican, wins re-election.  This has been what has been expected, so no net loss.
  2. Mark Clayton, the official Democratic nominee, wins in a bit of an upset.  So we get one more crazy Senator, but he counts as a Democrat when it comes to the Senate majority and all the committee chairmanships that go along with it.  It’s a net pick-up in some ways (for those of us rooting against the Republicans.)
  3. Al Gore actually wins!   And if he takes the job, he can do so as in Independent, if he prefers.

So Tennessee!  Sharpen your virtual pencils and write-in Al Gore for US Senate! 

Annoy a lot of people, with the main risk being you might wind up with a really skilled Senator!  What could be more fun?